Discover the concept of a night in a bubble

To spend a night under the stars, Bulle d’R suggests you sleep in a bubble with all of the modern and romantic comfortsSleeping in a bubble is a combination of nature as a bedroom with the milky way for a ceiling, not forgetting all the comforts of a hotel room!

A comfortable night

The bubble where you will sleep has been insulated from the outside. The ventilation insures that fresh air is circulating. Attention to detail in this wonderful setting to ensure a pleasurable stay, including a large bed.

Your unusual night will be comfortable, Nadine and Cédric have thought of everything! Indeed, the bubble is on a terrace next to a wooden cabin and hot tub. You eat your romantic dinner at a table on the terrace, looking out onto the countryside.

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Sleeping in a bubble and respecting the environment

Respect the environment, peace of body and mind, relax by sleeping in a bubble.

To sleep in a bubble, is also to adopt a certain mindset!
Your stay permits you to step off the daily treadmill and take time for you. You will leave feeling revitalised.

Mindful of the environment, Bulle d’R embraces ecotourism. In the spirit of tourism that promotes responsibility and respect for the environment, bubbles were a natural choice for Bulle d’R. Their temporary installation ensures a minimum impact on the ecosystem they inhabit. The bubble can be removed without leaving a trace on the landscape.

Bulle d’R is passionate about respecting the environment and being one with nature. These bubbles, made in France, from recyclable materials, are extremely energy efficient. The silent ventilation system guarantees the integrity of the structure and consumes the equivalent of a 55 watt light bulb.

The composting toilets avoid using water unnecessarily.