A Night in the Woods

Bulle d’R has positioned its bubble in the middle of woodland, to ensure a pleasurable experience that you will remember for years to come.

Modern life is so hectic and at times stressful; we are often chasing our tails. Bulle d’R offers you a sanctuary, a place where you can take time out in the heart of the countryside in your own cocoon.

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A night in a bubble surrounded by nature

Your bubble is installed in the heart of the woodland

Positioned on a wooden terrace, your bubble awaits you! Depending on the weather, you can dine on the terrace or in your bubble. The spa bath is available to relax you.

A wooden hut, also on the terrace, accommodates the shower and toilet facilities. These are for your use during your entire stay.

Decorated with attention to detail your bubble integrates into the environment, giving modern and luxurious accommodation for your unusual night’s stay.

Woken by birdsong, it’s not unusual to spot in the distance a deer or doe greeting the sunrise.

In the heart of woodland, a bubble amongst the trees

Who hasn’t dreamt of spending a night under the stars in a forest wonderland? Bulle d’R invites you to spend a magical night without the inconvenience of curious insects, morning dew and the discomfort of sleeping on the ground. Protected in your bubble you can make the most of the starlit sky, in this change of scenery with an unusual night in a bubble.

The forest welcomes you and nature will find you a place. Nothing better than a bubble amongst woodland to revitalise you and allow the pleasures of a simpler life. In harmony with ones surroundings but with all the modern comforts!